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Ivresse Push Up: Elegance and Comfort Combined

The Ivresse Push Up bra epitomizes femininity and refinement. With its unique features, it is designed to enhance your silhouette while providing unparalleled comfort.


Removable Cushion Pads
 The removable cushion pads of the Ivresse Push Up allow you to customize your cleavage. You can add them for a more pronounced push-up effect or remove them for natural support. Whatever your preference, this bra adapts to your needs.



  • Rose Flashy Lace Cups: The vivid pink lace cups add a touch of sensuality and femininity. They are soft to the touch and pleasant to wear.
  • Black Satin Panel: The black satin panel on the underwire creates an elegant contrast. It highlights the pink lace and adds an extra layer of sophistication.
  • Black and Flashy Rose Color: The combination of deep black and vibrant pink gives the bra a modern and daring look.
  • Black Tulle Back: The black tulle back ensures a perfect fit and optimal breathability.
  • Italian Materials: Crafted from high-quality Italian materials, the Ivresse Push Up combines comfort and durability.
  • 100% European Artisanal Production: Each bra is handmade in Europe, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

Indulge in the allure of the Ivresse Push Up, the ideal choice for those seeking both elegance and support. ?



Because a woman's height changes throughout her life (weight gain, motherhood, hormonal changes, at menopause) it is important to take her measurements often.

That's why, to prevent you from being disappointed to receive a product that is not in your size, we provide this size guide table.

Take your dimensions with a seamstress tape, this is still ideal so as not to make a mistake, and place it under the chest, firmly placed and then at chest level, record the measurements on the table.












Our manufacturing is handmade which is why we need time to carefully place your order.

Our luxury lingerie is designed in our workshop, this usually takes 3 to 7 working days.

The delay can sometimes put off some people but to test the quality of our products is to adopt it!

Your satisfaction is our only requirement ...

By taking the post courier, be careful, the deadlines are extended, this is a shipment by normal post, you have other carriers available by express.













14 days to try and return our products if you are not satisfied, but be careful, for this you must respect the steps for the return, thank you for making the return request on your account first (my merchandise returns) and then print the return document, attach the delivery slip you received in your package.


Of course the lingerie must be in impeccable condition.









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