All our new models !

The first models in line.

A collection rich in variations and materials.

A new form of bra also for large sizes...

All our new models !  There are 103 products.


  • Ivresse

    Discover the "Ivresse" collection:

    A bold mix of tulle and lace, hand-crafted. Deep black and flashy pink combine to create sensual, elegant ensembles.

    Let yourself be seduced by this unique line!

  • Mauve

    Lingerie manufacturer

    New collection Mauve ~

    Timeless and majestic line.

    Collection composed of several models in Italian lace and microfiber.

    Handmade and 100% EUROPEAN., the supplier and manufacturer of high-end lingerie.
  • Rêverie


    A colorful line in Italian lace and microfiber.

    Handmade and 100% European

  • Mutine

    A bold and sexy collection, we particularly appreciate the combination of red and black, as well as lace, microfiber and tulle.

    A soft line that's pleasant to wear and feel...

    Handmade in 100% EUROPE

  • Escapade


    An unforeseen journey with magnificent Italian lace, a refined collection that's soft to the touch...

    Hand-made and 100% EUROPEAN

  • Fever

    A lace and tulle collection in black and beige for an inescapably sexy spirit ....

    Handmade and 100% European.

  • Ocean

    Ocean is a line in Italian tulle and embroidered tulle.

    Its azure-blue color is luminous and brings us some pep for this year 2023.

    Handmade and 100% European

  • Camelia

    CAMELIA and its incredible lilac color.

    New cut of bra with the model bralette 2060 special large sizes, a triangle bra.

    Handmade and 100% Europe.

  • Paradox


    A line that wants to be wise but is very sensual.

    Swiss embroidered tulle and satin and Italian tulle with polka dot and bow motifs.

    Handmade and 100% European

  • Fortune

    Fortune a line in Italian lace and tulle.

    We love the black with this mix of pink and orange with floral motifs.

    Handmade and 100% European.

  • Muse

    Muse, a flashy and colorful line for a dynamic and sensual summer

    The Italian material is composed of tulle and lace.

    Magnificent association of colors

    Handmade and 100% European.

  • Cashmirella

    Cashmirella, a line of Italian satin and embroidered tulle.

    The essential of the lingerie chest!

    We appreciate this nude beige color enhanced by the colorful embroidered tulle and a small pink heart in the middle.

    Handmade and 100% European.

  • Instinct

    Instinct is a line full of pep combining an embroidered tulle and an Italian tulle and a fuchsia pink color.

    Handmade and 100% European.

  • Flowerbomb


    A desire for flowers and shimmering, invigorating colors!

    This Austrian lace line will energize you with its dominant turquoise blue color.

    Handmade and 100% European.

  • ~ Capsule ~ ❤️

    Models added out of collection for the pleasure of our customers ...

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Showing 1 - 100 of 103 items
Showing 1 - 100 of 103 items