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Showing 1 - 159 of 159 items


  • Bounty

     A black and white!

    If expected and if requested ....

    We dreamed it and our stylist Ewa did it!

    Beautiful model in Italian lace.

    Hand-made and 100% European manufacturing.

  • Candy

    Candy, a microfiber embellished with a beautiful Italian embroidered tulle.

    We love the white hardcore in the dresser lingerie!

    Made in Europe.

  • Cloud

    Wonderful color combination!

    White is timeless in lingerie but with this Italian lace, she sublimates it!

    Handmade and 100% EUROPE

  • Dream
  • Flora

    A refined line in Italian lace, embroidered tulle and microfiber.

    Truly surprising and original combination of colors that will not leave anyone indifferent.

    Handmade and 100% EUROPE.

    Sawren intimates.

  • Libre

    The LIBRE line is synonymous with carelessness with a dirty pink color!

    Tulle and French lace.

    100% European and handmade manufacturing

  • Lovely
  • Moonlight

    The Moonlight line, delicate and fresh as we love summers.

    A magnificent and very comfortable Italian lace that will withstand the heat while bringing softness...

    Color aquamarine

    Handmade manufacturing and 100% EUROPE

  • O la la

    A flashy pink as we like
    O la la ....
    Italian tulle, lace and microfiber materials.
    100% Made in EUROPE

  • Saga

    Because white will forever remain a bestseller and above all a must in a lingerie dresser, we are happy to present the Saga model to you.

  • Tiffany
  • Twist

    At Sawren we love blue.

    This time we offer a blue "oil"

    It is literally melted for the flashy color but also for the material, a sensational microfiber and Italian embroidered tulle.

    Made in Europe.