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  • Acai ✍️

    The blue color reflects the light more than it absorbs it's for that even dark, it keeps a very cool side.

    Here it is an azure blue.

    Made in Europe.

  • Almond ✍️

    A beautiful almond beige for this model.

    Essential color in the lingerie wardrobe that will be perfectly suited to your summer outfits.

    Made in Europe.

  • Aquila
  • Amour

    Fabrics : Embroidery and microfiber (Italy).

    Made in Europe.

  • Bliss

    Microfiber and embroidery.

    Made in Europe.

  • Boho ✍️

    Fabrics: Embroidery (Switzerland) and microfiber ( Italy).

    Made in Europe.

  • Blueberry ✍️
    What would be a collection without a beautiful blue?

    Summer and winter, our stylist is keen to put this color in the collections.

    Italian lace and Italian microfibre.

    Made in Europe.
  • Blue Charm

    Italian Satin.

    Made in Europe.

  • Casablanca
  • Cookie
    Fabrics: embroidery (Switzerland) microfiber (Italy) Made in Europe.
  • Creampearl
  • Colette
  • Dottie
  • Flair ✍️
  • Fleeting Dream

    Fabrics: Austria and England.

    Made in Europe.

  • Glamour
  • Goldie

    Fabrics : Embroidery (Italy) microfiber (Italy).

    Made in Europe.

  • Happy

    The name of this very evocative model returns us to a fun, funny and sexy line.

    What better way to approach the summer!

    Italian microfiber.

    Made in Europe.

  • Honey

    Fabrics : Lace (Japan) microfiber (Italy)

    Made in Europe.

  • Idylle
  • Koral

    Fabrics: Switzerland and Spain.

    Made in Europe.

  • Lady Million

    Net and embroidery.

    Made in Europe.

  • Litchi ✍️

    Fresh like the name of the fruit that carries this model.

    A sparkling pink for this spring summer.

    Italian lace and Italian microfibre.

    Made in Europe.

  • Marble

    Fabrics: Satin (Italy) Embroidery (Switzerland)

    Made in Europe.

  • Opal

    Fabrics: Satin (Italy) embroidery (Italy).

    Made in Europe.

  • Pacific Opal

    Fabrics : Switzerland (embroidery) Spain (microfiber)

    Made in Europe.

  • Palais

    Fabrics: Italy (satin) Switzerland (broderie).

    Made in Europe.

  • Porcelain Doll ✍️
  • Purple Velvet
  • Renow
  • Satin Sky

    Fabrics: Switzerland (embroidery) Spain (microfiber)

    Made in Europe.

  • Sensual ✍️
  • Spell
  • Sweetie
    Fabrics : Embroidery (Switzerland) microfiber (Italy) Made in Europe.
  • Secret in Black
  • Tamarillo

    Red vermilion for the Tamarillo model.

    Italian lace.

    Made in Europe.

  • Quince ✍️

    Impossible to don't put a white line in Spring Summer collection, white remains the color most requested .. But the multiple declinations of this model do not make it classic on the contrary.

    Made In Europe.

  • Zebra


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