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  • Cat Eye

    A black of character, new shapes, Cat eyes is superb!

    We like its variations and matter ... just sublime, we crauqe for embroidered tulle

    Made in Europe

  • Glow
  • Fly High

    An inspiration between the 80s Madonna spirit, the queen of fashion but also a much more contemporary influence to the fifty shades of Gray ...

    We love the rock and rebellious spirit of this line of lingerie.

    Once again Ewa, our stylist surprises us.

  • Ebony

    Black, a color that is always eagerly awaited in collections ...

    This season, it will be in plumetis (polka dot) tulle and embroidered tulle

    100% European and handmade manufacturing.

  • Heaven

    A cobalt blue for this line.

    Materials: Italian tulle and lace.

    100% European and handmade manufacturing

  • Latte

    An animal print in Italian embroidered tulle and tulle...

    Handamade and 100% European

  • Opera
  • Opium

    The Opium line is definitely addictive!

    A line in Italian tulle and lace in black with light pink

    100% European and handmade manufacturing

  • Perfect

    Magnificent line in embroidered tulle and Italian tulle.

     Delicate sparkling roses in pattern.

     We love it!

     Handmade and 100% European manufacturing.

  • Pralina

    Pralina, a refined line in plumetis (polka dot) tulle and embroidered tulle.

    100% European and handmade manufacturing

  • Silver Star

    The Silver Star model is a surprising model in black and gray.

    Materials are Italian microfiber and lace of great qualities.

    Like all the models in these colors, it will undoubtedly become a bestseller ...

  • Scandal

    The sulphurous and daring Scandal line is available in a most revealing poppy red!

    Italian lace and tulle

    Handmade manufacturing.

  • Wonderlust

    Wonderlust a black and beige line in very sexy and refined Italian lace.